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BenQ Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp: Boost Workspace, Save Eyes

Note: This was resurrected from Tumblr thanks to Google cache and was originally posted on September 11, 2017.

BenQ Silver Genie LED Desk Eye-Caring Table Lamp
After trying out (and still using) the BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp and testing some accessories to go with it, I’m now back with the BenQ Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp. Basically, the Genie is a smaller, lightweight version of the original e-Reading LED Desk Lamp that does all of the same things for a lower price tag. At the time of writing this, however, there also aren’t any accessories to go with the Genie.

After using this desk lamp daily for the past month or so, I can honestly say that it’s just as great and effective as the original. The light is perfect for daily computer use and it doesn’t cast any harmful glares. The style is a little different, though and it doesn’t have as much range since there is only a ‘leg’ and no ‘arm’ like on the original version (see image below of original). The lighting can be adjusted in the same manner and has an awesome, intelligent e-Reading mode that has never disappointed me.

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp -World's First Desk Lamp for Monitors -Eye Care

My duty to you: This company was nice enough to send me this product to evaluate and review for free. Don’t worry, I always keep it real - no sugar-coating - no matter how good or bad the product! There may also be an affiliate and/or referral link in this post. Thanks for stopping by!

The e-Reading mode uses a built-in sensor to detect ambient lighting and deliver perfect flicker-free illumination for working in front of digital screens (ie. computers, laptops, and mobile devices). All you do is tap and hold your finger on the metal ring to enable it; everything is done automagically from there!

BenQ Silver Genie LED Desk Eye-Caring Table Lamp

You can also use the dial to manually adjust the warmth, coolness, and brightness of the lamp. Unlike many other desk lamps, you don’t just get a few settings that you can switch between or a small range of options. This lamp gives you full control over the tone and intensity of the light.

The Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp is perfect for setting the mood and best of all, doesn’t damage your eyes thanks to its advanced lighting technology. The LED panels have a lifespan of approximately 50k hours (that’s 8 hours a day for 17 years).

BenQ Silver Genie LED Desk Eye-Caring Table Lamp

This desk lamp is also perfect for burning the midnight oil (for us night owls) since the e-Reading Mode adjusts accordingly. You can have the room light off and just use this and still be extremely comfortable. I use mine for my desktop computer but it would also be great on a nightstand if you like to read or browse the Web in bed.

If you are looking for a great quality desk lamp that is gentle on the eyes, smart with its features, and has a stylish, modern look then I can’t recommend this one or the original (if you have a little extra to splurge) enough!!


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