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How to Add Movement to Your Day (Even if You Sit All Day)

Are you sneakily reading this during your 9-5 desk job? (Don't worry, I won't tell.) If you find that you're sitting down for most of your day, you're not alone. The good news is even a few minutes of movement can be your saving grace. No gym membership required!

Sitting at a desk growing roots

Scroll on to find the top tips on adding movement to your daily routine. You'll be moving and grooving your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.

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Get Up and Stretch

You know what they say – a little stretch goes a long way! But seriously, every 30 minutes, take a break from your desk and spend just 60 seconds doing some basic stretches. This can even happen during your bathroom or coffee break. Win-win!

  • Touch those toes
  • Do the twist
  • Reach for the stars

Walk it Out

It's no secret that walking is good for you. Besides, who doesn't love a good, guilt-free stroll?

  • Park further away: A few extra steps never hurt anyone. Plus, you'll enjoy the scenic route.
  • Stairs over elevators: It's a small change, but it'll help tone those legs!
  • Take the long road: Got a meeting on the other side of the building? Use the "scenic route" and enjoy the extra steps.
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Deskercise 101

Deskercise (aka desk exercise) is the smoothie of the office world - it's all the rage right now. Here are some low-key exercises for when you're chained to your desk:

  • Seated leg lifts: Achieve those toned legs without getting caught.
  • Desk push-ups: Let your desk be your personal trainer.
  • Desk dips: Who knew your desk could also double as gym equipment?
  • Cycle: Get one of these fancy under-the-desk cyclers and pedal away!

Shake up the Lunch Break

Let's be honest - your lunch break should involve more than just demolishing that sandwich.

  • Walk-n-Talk: Why not take that office gossip sesh outside for a little fresh air and movement?
  • Enjoy the great outdoors: Find a park nearby and have a stroll with your lunch. Soak up some Vitamin D while you're at it!

Work-at-Home Warriors, Listen Up

Working in your PJs might seem like the dream, but it's all too easy to become a couch potato. Fear not - I've got you covered!

  • Stand while you work: Invest in a standing desk (I have two!) or use a high countertop.
  • Quick yoga sesh: Your daily dose of Zen is just a downward dog away.
  • Dance party for one: Nobody's watching, so bust out those standing moves, baby!
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The Bottom Line

Being a desk jockey doesn't mean you can't add some movement to your day. Implement these tips into your daily routine and turn that sedentary lifestyle into an active one. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. 

Now I wanna hear from my desk-dwelling friends! How do you guys sneak movement into your day? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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