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Hypertension Awareness Month: 7 Ways to Keep Your Health in Check with Withings

Did you know that May is Hypertension Awareness Month? It's an important time to focus on keeping our blood pressure in the healthy range. Withings Body Comp and BPM Connect are excellent tools to stay on top of your health (among other things).

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I'm in love with the scale, as it measures a handful of things to help you know more about your overall health. The digital screen and animations are a huge bonus, too; I actually look forward to weighing myself! The BMP Connect cuff is also a joy to have and is so convenient to use. You just wrap it around your arm (the correct way, as shown in the instructions) and press the button. It'll take care of the rest.

Now, let's dive into the seven ways these fab health gadgets can help you live your best life while keeping your blood pressure in check!

Disclosure: These items were kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hypertension Awareness Month: 7 Ways to Keep Your Health in Check with Withings

Know Your Numbers

Knowledge is power, and knowing your body's metrics is the first step to getting your health in check. The Withings Body Comp smart scale makes it a cinch to track your weight, body fat, muscle mass, and more. No more manual tracking—your measurements sync directly to your phone for easy access! You can even have up to eight users, so the entire family can get in on the fun!

Keep Your Heart Happy

BPM Connect by Withings enables you to monitor your blood pressure with ease. Its sleek design and accurate readings help you stay on top of your heart health and make maintaining a healthy blood pressure less hassle. Just watch out for the extra tight pressure it puts on your arm (I was tempted to shut it off a couple of times because it was squeezing the life out of me!).

Withings BMP Connect: Upgrade your blood pressure monitor
Source: Withings

Stay Active with Confidence

Both Withings Body Comp and BPM Connect seamlessly integrate with the Health Mate app (Android and iOS), motivating you to get moving and stay active throughout the day. By tracking your daily activities, you're more inclined to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your heart happy!

Monitor Your Sleep

Did you know sleep could affect your blood pressure? The Health Mate app, compatible with both Withings Body Comp and BPM Connect, also tracks your sleep cycles, helping you understand what habits contribute to a better night's rest—essential for overall health!

Stay Accountable with Reminders

These Withings gadgets are great for staying accountable, as they send reminders directly to your phone about checking your blood pressure or keeping up with daily activities. It's like having a personal health assistant in your pocket!

Body Comp provides the most complete assessment ever offered on a Withings smart scale
Source: Withings

Keep Your Diet in Check

Withings Body Comp and Health Mate app help you monitor your daily water intake and the food you consume. Understanding your eating habits is essential when trying to achieve healthy blood pressure. Just remember to track everything (this is tough for me).

Create a Community

But you don't have to do it alone! Use the Health Mate app to create a friends and family support network. This way, you can share milestones, encourage each other, and work towards healthier lives together. Plus, it's just more fun with someone else in the mix.

Take Care of Yourself!

There you have it: 7 ways to get your health in check with Withings (Body Comp Scale and BPM Connect) this Hypertension Awareness Month! By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you'll maintain healthy blood pressure and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Question Time: What's your favorite way to keep your blood pressure in check? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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