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She Laughs: Choosing Faith Over Pain [Books to Read]

Note: This was resurrected from Tumblr thanks to Google cache and was originally posted on July 25, 2020.

She Laughs: Choosing Faith over Fear
Do you laugh in the face of stress and anxiety, grief, disasters, hopeless situations, or life struggles? Me either! 😞 Do you want to? Me too! 🙂 

That’s why Carolanne Miljavac wrote this book, She Laughs: Choosing Faith Over Faith. Carolanne describes herself as a “southern-raised, Jesus-saved, barely sane author, speaker, and social media goofball.” That alone made me really eager to read this book!

With so much devastation going on in 2020 alone, it’s really hard to see the positive side of things. Personally, I’ve dealt with a lot of grief last year and this year. As a matter of fact, I just lost my pet rabbit to cancer; he was just 4-years-old. My pets and I all have/had a very special bond, so it’s like losing a family member when they go. That plus the stress and anxiety that this whole pandemic has brought makes it really had to be joyful or optimistic about life.

My duty to you: I received this product to try out and evaluate for free. I don’t sugar-coat and always give my 100% honest opinion - good AND bad! There are also affiliate links in this post; I will receive a very small percentage if you make a purchase.
She Laughs: Choosing Faith over Fear
She Laughs is an inspiring book that provides a “wealth of hard-earned insight and biblical wisdom” to help you get through those treacherous storms in your life. This book will show you that no matter what you’re going through, it’s better to laugh in the face of it!

Each situation you go through provides a valuable learning experience that you can refer back to in the future – whether it’s for yourself or to help someone else. Carolanne’s relatable writing and added humor also helps to make this book a joy to read; you’ll literally be laughing out loud throughout it! 🤣
"Though her life has been dotted with disaster, it’s through laughter that social media star and author Carolanne Miljavac found the strength and courage to persevere…joy for the journey. And she’ll help you discover all the ways laughter can carry you through your very own painful situations."
One of my favorite reviews about this book that I read says, “The Bible says a joyful heart and laughter are good medicine, and She Laughs is definitely ibuprofen for the soul. It’s inspirational, biblically sound, and downright funny.” That sounds about right!

Does this book sound like something you’ll enjoy? If so, be sure to enter the giveaway to win a copy for yourself. It’s also available on Amazon (Kindle, Audiobook, and Paperback). You can also follow the author on Instagram!


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