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This Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer is a Must For Frizzy Hair

Note: This was resurrected from Tumblr thanks to Google cache and was originally posted on January 28, 2020.

I’m not one who likes to use a lot of heat on my hair because it can be very damaging for my type 4 hair. However, when I do use heat, such as from a blow dryer, I’m usually not happy with the results because my hair ends up in a big, puffy ball of frizz! Luckily, we have amazing ionic hair blow dryers like this one to save the day.

SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer, Professional Salon Negative Ions Blow Dryer

So, what’s all this ionic stuff about? Self.com explains it well:

“Your hair has both negative and positively charged places on it, which helps certain hair care products work better and the water in wet hair is positive; ionic dryers that emit negative ions cause globs of H2O molecules to divide into smaller particles that evaporate faster, says Edward Borish, Ph.D., a chemist in Columbus, Ohio.”

My duty to you: I received this product to try out and evaluate for free. I don’t sugar-coat and always give my 100% honest opinion - good AND bad! There are also affiliate links in this post; I will receive a very small percentage if you make a purchase.

On top of drying your hair faster, ionic ceramic technology also helps to reduce frizz. So for those with curly, coily, or kinky hair, like myself, this type of blow dryer is a Godsend!

This blow dryer comes with three nozzles (attachments): one for smoothing, one for styling, and one for diffusing (great for curls and coils). There are three speeds: natural wind, 1st gear wind, and 2nd gear wind – all, of which, are just the right force and pressure for their speed level. 

There are also two temperature settings: hot and cool. All of the hairdryers I’ve used in the past have had high and low heat settings, but this one only has high/hot. It would be nice to have a low or medium heat setting but the different speeds (mentioned above) help to make up for the single heat setting.

There is also a cool shot button that creates an instant heat switch and gives your hair a cool blast. This is good for curls and coils to help them set without frizzing up – I love it! So far, I’ve only tested it on a small section of my hair because I have been lazy (managing my hair is time-consuming and lately, I just haven’t had the time). Once I do my entire head, I’ll be able to update this post with pictures and a rating.

SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer, Professional Salon Negative Ions Blow Dryer

The fuse configuration provides overheating protection, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating or catching on fire. The dryer also uses a low-magnetic wave structure which helps to save energy; it reduces more than 50% of the electromagnetic field of radiation compared to similar hairdryers. Lastly, there’s a removable filter that prevents hair from being sucked into the dryer and can be easily cleaned.

Overall, this is a well-made hair dryer that is perfect for all hair types but especially great for frizzy hair. Best of all, it’s affordable and won’t break the bank. What is your favorite hair blow dryer?

Update: This item is no longer available on Amazon, so I've provided a link and images to a similar item.


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