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Zantrex Skinny Stix Should Be Called Energy Stix [Review]

Note: This was resurrected from Tumblr thanks to Google cache and was originally posted on June 8, 2015.

Zantrex SkinnyStix Energy Powder
Have you heard of Skinny Stix before? I know that some people think this product is a scam (not sure why), but it’s not. The only thing that might be a scam, is the fact that it’s called Skinny Stix when I don’t find it helps at all in making you skinnier or helping to lose weight (maybe I did something wrong). It does, however, provide tons of energy and really helps to improve focus and stamina.

What is Skinny Stix?

Let’s take a step back though. Skinny Stix is said to be Jenny McCarthy’s “secret weapon for a hot body.” Um, OK!! I don’t know how true THAT is. Basically, Skinny Stix consists of little powder packets that you mix with water and drink (or sip throughout the day). They are supposed to be for weight loss (ummm), energy (yes!!), focus (yes!!), and fat burning (ohhhh).

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Each package comes with a water bottle and 21 packets (although, I think you can purchase the packets separately if desired). I received the Berry Fusion packet along with about 5 each of the Electric Lime and Tangy Tangerine packets. My favorite flavor is definitely Berry Fusion.
Zantrex SkinnyStix Energy Powder

How Does it Work?

Directions for usage are as such: 
"For increased energy, mood elevation, heightened stamina, and improved focus, adults mix the entire contents of 1 packet in 16 fl oz of water and drink or sip as desired. For powerful appetite control, weight loss, and body fat reduction, adults mix the entire contents of 1 packet in 16 fl oz of water and drink the entire serving 15 minutes before main meals. Do not exceed 3 packets per day. Use in conjunction with any sensible diet and exercise program. Individual results will vary."
I guess I’m one of those individuals whose results have varied to the point of no weight loss or fat burning being experienced at all!!? I do not eat a lot of junk and I stay away from sugar as much as I can. So I should have seen some kind of results right? Wrong! My husband and I (he’s been drinking more than me) have been drinking these like crazy and no weight loss has been seen.

The Good and the Bad

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t hate this product by any means!! I just don’t think it’s being marketed for the right purpose. I think they’re just trying to target the thousands who are constantly trying to lose weight, but honestly, this is basically an all-natural energy drink that TRULY delivers!

My husband and I now have a new phrase in our home. If one of us is yawning like crazy or saying that we’re so sleepy, tired, or have no energy, the other will say “You’d better drink a Skinny Stix.” Seriously. I hear this at least 3-4 times a week coming from my husband or myself. It’s just that good at providing extra energy and giving you the motivation to do whatever it is you need to do.

I love that the Skinny Stix powder mixes really well with water. I don’t need to shake it for that long. Don’t inhale too much of the potent “dust” that the powder creates when you pour it into the bottle - it always makes me cough like crazy. It’s very strong and could seriously cause choking! Just pour it into the bottle away from your face to be safe.

What's in This Stuff?

Here are the ingredients in one Berry Fusion packet:

Zantrex SkinnyStix Energy Powder

As you can see, it includes a proprietary blend containing Yerba Mate extract, Guarana extract, Coffee extract, Damiana extract, Stevia extract, Cacao extract, Rice powder, Cayenne powder, Chlorella powder, Grape extract, Blueberry powder, Cranberry powder, Sour Cherry powder, Plu powder, Raspberry concentrate, Strawberry powder, Grape powder, Bilberry extract, and Blueberry extract. So, it has a very nice blend of ingredients, that’s for sure.

I’ve had no negative reactions to any of the flavors, and I haven’t had to add any more than the required amount of water; 16 ounces is perfect for me.

Zantrex SkinnyStix Bottle

My Experience With Skinny Stix

I love the bottle it comes with. It’s very unique. It has a rubber stopper type of thing that goes over the mouth of the bottle, which helps to prevent leaks and create a tight seal when the cap is put on. It’s also a little skinnier in the middle of the bottle, making it easy to hold. The color of the bottle you receive matches the color of the packets; it’s pretty stylish and I’ve been using it just to drink plain water as well.

Zantrex SkinnyStix Bottle

I only need to drink one of these a day for a nice energy and focus boost. The first time I drank it, I actually stayed up around 19 - 20 hours after only having 3 ½ hours of sleep!! It really helped to wake me up and keep me awake; I didn’t even feel tired after that amount of time; I had to force myself to go to sleep. I didn’t experience a crash either.

Now that my body is used to it, it basically helps to wake me up and keep me focused on the task at hand for a good 6-8 hours. I’m also very surprised that my husband has grown attached to this. That says a lot about the product. He’s someone who never seems to get enough sleep, no matter how much sleep he gets. However, this even helps to wake him up and get him through a long work day after just 3-4 hours of sleep.

He loves to stay up late playing Xbox 360 even though he knows he has to go to work the next day. So he often only gets a few hours of sleep (I’m constantly telling him to stop doing this to himself, but he doesn’t listen). Anyway, you get the point - it definitely works for energy and focus!

Final Verdict

Would I buy this again? Definitely. I mean, it’s no weight loss, fat-burning miracle, but it sure does give me more energy than coffee, black tea, soda, and Matcha tea. An energy drink like that is very hard to find!

Have you tried Skinny Stix?


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