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Unleashing Your Inner Dreamer: Julie Elias' Inspirational New Album "The Dreamer"

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Are you ready to embark on a musical journey filled with inspiration, life lessons, and a whole lot of heart? Look no further than "The Dreamer," the newest album by independent singer-songwriter Julie Elias. With a mix of genres and powerful messages woven into every song, this album is a refreshing and much-needed reminder that it's never too late to dream.

Unleashing Your Inner Dreamer: Julie Elias' Inspirational New Album "The Dreamer"

A Glimpse into Julie Elias' Life and Ministry

Before diving into the album, it's important to understand the driving force behind the incredible music. Julie Elias is no stranger to the world of Christian music, having released five albums and performed in multiple states and countries over the last decade. 

She also founded a non-profit called Aurora Ministries, dedicated to creating events, content, music, and resources for teenagers, particularly girls. All of her accomplishments have led her to this moment, and the release of "The Dreamer."

The Inspiration Behind "The Dreamer"

In a year of uncertainty and confinement, Julie Elias found solace in creating music that would uplift the hearts and spirits of her listeners. "The Dreamer" is an album that centers around personal struggles and the aftermath of COVID, all inspired by Isaiah 43:18-19.

Julie Elias in the studio in London with JOJ
Source: Julie Elias Music

The title track, "The Dreamer," is a powerful anthem that tackles the questions of "Why Me?" and "Why Not Me?" in our lives. It's a reminder that our plans may not always align with what God has in store for us. The album then transitions to "Free," a song about breaking free from lockdown, fear, and the boxes others create for us.

The album also features a mix of worship songs, such as "Radiant Love," "You Make Me Brave," and "Goodness of God." Not to mention the empowering track "Phoenix," which focuses on transformation and growth through God's strength in times of weakness. And for a unique twist, Julie included a cover of "You Have to Be There," an intense song by the legendary group ABBA, delivered in English.

An Experience You Won't Want to Miss

If you're ready to dive into Julie Elias' diverse and inspiring world of music, check out her album "The Dreamer" on all digital music platforms and at this album link.

As an added bonus, watch the official music video for "The Dreamer" here on YouTube.

For those of you who are feeling lucky, why not enter this giveaway for a chance to snag a copy of the album and a t-shirt to show your support.

Giveaway: Win The Dreamer from Julie Elias plus a t-shirt

So, are you ready to unleash your inner dreamer? Let me know in the comments section which track you're most excited about!


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