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Matcha Done Wrong: Why Do Influencers Add a Ton of Syrup, Milk, and Creamer?

So, you may have noticed this trend lately where influencers on social media have taken it upon themselves to completely ruin the once elegant and healthy matcha beverage. It's become quite frustrating to watch, let me tell you. They think they're being all cool and trendy, but in reality, they're just destroying something that was already pretty great on its own.

Matcha green tea - Japanese style
Source: Pixabay

You see, matcha has been around for centuries and has always been known for its distinct and bitter flavor. But now, these influencers have decided to take matters into their own hands and add a ton of sugar, milk (or bad quality almond and other horrible plant-based milk), sugar-filled creamers, and all sorts of other unnecessary additives to it. It's like they're on a mission to suck out all the health benefits and purity from matcha. How delightful.

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Honestly, it really surprises me how some people prioritize maintaining a visually appealing Instagram feed over prioritizing their health. I mean, it's like they've completely forgotten the amazing health benefits that matcha has to offer. Matcha is jam-packed with antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins that can truly work wonders for our bodies. But you won't see any of those benefits if you dilute all that goodness with unnecessary sugar and other unhealthy stuff.

I don't want to sound overly critical here, but it truly baffles me when I see individuals drinking what is essentially a milkshake with just a small amount of matcha added to it. Matcha isn't supposed to be consumed in such a way. It kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? We should be savoring the natural flavors and reaping the true health benefits of matcha, rather than turning it into an overly sweet and unnatural concoction.

Traditional matcha green tea
Source: Pixabay

If you trace back matcha's origins, you'll find that it's deeply rooted in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, where it was valued for its meditative qualities. But today's influencers have chosen to ignore that and focus solely on making their drinks look pretty. Talk about missing the point.

Not only are they adding copious amounts of sugar and cream, but they're also using lower-quality matcha that requires tons of sweeteners to cover up its bitterness. It's all just a ploy to grab attention and make a profit. They're not only distorting matcha but also promoting unhealthy consumption habits. Bravo, influencers!

It's time to rise up against this trend of over-sweetening and reclaim the true essence of matcha. Let's appreciate its vibrant green color, its bitter-yet-nutty flavor, and the tranquility that comes with its traditional preparation. Let's show respect for matcha and demand its integrity be maintained.

Matcha green tea powder
Source: Pixabay

Remember, when it comes to matcha, less is more. Don't be swayed by those flashy Instagram photos and resist the temptation to add sugar and cream. Embrace the energizing bitterness and the unique balance of umami and earthiness that matcha offers. Let's be the ones to preserve its authenticity for future generations.

Use your voice and your wallet to support true matcha, and don't let the influencers tarnish their magic any further. It's time to let matcha be matcha! #keepitreal


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