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Your Phone is Filthy: Here's How to Keep it Clean!

Unless you live under a rock, by now probably you've heard a fact or two about the copious amounts of germs on your favorite little techno buddy—your phone. Yes, you’ve heard correctly; these germs are now your phone's other best friends, as well. And honestly, it's not ideal; after all, we are largely a hygiene-conscious species.

Your Phone is Filthy: Here's How to Keep it Clean!

We try to avoid germs and dirt at all possible costs. We wash our hands often and we also use hand sanitizers when handwashing isn’t immediately accessible. Yet, we fail to apply the same hygiene practices to a device we can’t seem to live without—our phones. This post aims to emphasize the importance of phone hygiene and provide insights on how to keep your phone clean.

To put it into perspective, consider this: a typical phone is said to be ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. Mind-boggling right? That simply shows how neglectful we've been of our phone hygiene. The phone dirt accumulates over time and it may potentially make us sick if not addressed. Quite frankly, phone cleaning isn’t rocket science; it's simple and should be integrated into our regular cleanliness routines.

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Why It's Important to Keep Your Phone Clean

Keeping our phone clean is beneficial for numerous reasons. First, it eliminates harmful bacteria that could potentially pose a health risk. Second, regular cleaning enhances the functionality of the phone, prolonging its usability. Lastly, it gives a good impression. I mean, come on, who wants to hand over a crusty, smudged phone when someone asks to borrow it? Certainly not me. There's no harm in taking care of what you own, after all. The ‘how’ bit of phone cleaning is as simple as the ‘why’.

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How to Keep Your Phone Clean

The first order of business is the screen. Cleaning the phone screen is an easy process. Remember to power off your phone and unplug all cables before you proceed to get down and dirty with the cleaning. Plain water is not advised for cleaning phone screens as it could cause damage. Instead, use a 50/50 mix of water and white distilled vinegar. 

Vibrant electronic manufacturers also recommend using 70% alcohol wipes (which are FSA and HSA eligible by the way!). Mildly dampen a microfiber cleaning cloth with your mixture or use your wipes, then gently wipe the screen clean. Microfiber cloths are best for this as they help reduce streaking. As for the ports and buttons, use a Q-tip or a can of compressed air to blow out any clumps of dirt or dust.

How to Disinfect Your Phone

Proceed to disinfect your phone. Disinfecting is essential because it comprehensively eliminates the germs on your device. Disinfect your phone by using the same dampened cloth or alcohol wipe. There are also UV sanitizers available that disinfect your phone using ultraviolet radiation. So, you might want to check those out.

Watolt UV Light Sanitizer - Cell Phone Sanitizer Sterilizer Cleaner Box for Smartphone

How to Clean Your Phone Case

Cleaning your phone's case is equally important. Given it's what primarily collects our grime, sweat, and oils, neglecting it wouldn't be clever. You can wash most phone cases with mild soap and water. However, for rubber and silicon cases, it's best to stick with water only since soap could leave a residue or, worse, cause discoloration. Remember to dry the case thoroughly after washing to prevent moisture buildup.

Keep it Up!

Phone cleaning should be a regular routine. Integrating phone cleaning into our daily or weekly cleaning routines would ensure that we don't make best friends with germs unknowingly. View it as a way of contributing to your overall well-being and health.

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Everything works best when it's clean, and our beloved phones are no exception. With the methods mentioned above, maintaining good phone hygiene will be effortless and beneficial. In essence, keeping our phones clean is keeping ourselves clean. Let's create an environment where our phones are clean, our hands are clean, and we are healthy.

We do love our phones significantly, don't we? They help us communicate with our loved ones and provide us with entertainment and important information. In return, let's show them some love and appreciation by adopting proper cleaning habits. After all, a clean phone is a happy phone, and a happy phone makes a happy user.


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