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19 Terrifying Movies About Technology That Will Make You Want To Smash Your Devices

Movies have subtly hinted at the scary maze that's often casually known as the internet and social media for some years. This digital trap where we're held captive, highlighted by the dim hum of our unceasing typing and swiping, has been the grim setting of some profoundly unsettling yet intriguing films.

20 Terrifying Movies About Technology That Will Make You Want To Smash Your Devices
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These films illustrate the degradation of morals and society due to our unending screen and "likes" obsession. The main characters aren't just people entangled in horrific scenes of terror. They mirror us, or more accurately, what we've turned into - zombified, phone-obsessed beings, aimlessly chasing the next viral hashtag.

If Hunter S. Thompson were alive today, he might say, "The internet has turned into a brutal and superficial money pit, a plastic corridor teeming with crooks and hustlers, where good guys meet their end too soon. And that's not even the worst part."

So, brace yourself as we dive into the deep part of the pixel-filled pool. The water's teeming with horror and dread, and let's just say, the chlorine's way too overpowering.

1. Unfriended (2014)

They call it "cybernatural" horror. A malicious spirit haunts a group of high school friends through a Skype call. Contains all the hallmarks of internet-related paranoia and delinquency: cyberbullying, trolling, leaked videos, online shaming, and, well, death.

2. Nerve (2016)

"Nerve" – a game that combines the thrill of dares with the omnipresence of social media. The principle is simple: You're either a watcher or a player. But real life isn't as binary, is it?

3. Friend Request (2016)

If Facebook ever spawned Satan, you'd get the plot of this movie. A demon possesses a lonely college student's Facebook account. Shares, likes, followers, and terabytes of terror await you.

4. The Circle (2017)

Two tech titans, played by Tom Hanks and Patton Oswalt, hope to make the world better through full transparency (surveillance). Their tool, the Circle, answers the question: What if Google forgot its pseudo-virtuous "Don't be evil" mantra?

5. The Den (2013)

"The Den" plumbs the depths of random video chat sites. A woman witnesses a murder on her screen. Did it freak her out? Yes. Did she wish she was knitting instead? Heck, yes.

6. #Horror (2015)

Twelve-year-olds getting addicted to a social media game is one thing. The game turning them into a violence-crazed mob is quite another. The hashtag title tells you all you need to know.

7. Cell (2016)

Cell phones turn people into mindless murder zombies. Sure, it's Stephen King's schtick, but it's as apt a metaphor as ever.

8. Antisocial (2013)

An internet site makes people go insane. No, it's not Reddit. But it might as well be.

9. Open Windows (2014)

A peeper gets more than he bargained for when he spies on an actress through her laptop. It's a digital peeping Tom's "Rear Window" – the grandstanding Hitchcock thriller going dark web.

10. Ratter (2015)

How much damage can a click, a swipe, a like, or a share do? Ask Ashley Benson, who plays the lead in this found-footage horror flick. She's stalked through her laptop, phone, games console, you name it. The thrill of voyeurism transforms into an unsettling, haunting reality.

11. Disconnect (2012)

It's an anthology of separate tales. A darkly poetic foray into modern life's deepest traps: identity theft, cyber harassment, and the death of real communication.

12. Catfish (2010)

This true story served as a wake-up call for anyone versed in the ABC of internet dating—Always Be Cautious. One cross-continental relationship riddled with lies and half-truths, which evoke the raw, restless paranoia the internet era ushered in.

13. Trust (2010)

Technology bridges gaps and brings people closer – the pitfalls were never underlined. A teenage girl's online relationship with an adult turns disastrously sour. It's a chilling reminder of the grim underbelly of social media.

14. The Social Network (2010)

Facebook's founding was contentious and, to some, downright underhanded. Throw in shady characters, chronic ambition, and backstabbing, and you've got the backdoor intrigue of Silicon Valley served up hot.

15. The Great Hack (2019)

While not scary in the traditional sense, this documentary delves into the Cambridge Analytica scandal, showing how data manipulation influenced political outcomes. It will make you think twice before haphazardly clicking "accept" on the next privacy policy update.

16. The Cleaners (2018)

Dive into the murky world of content moderation, where outsourced workers decide what internet content stays and what goes. Suddenly, the boundaries of free speech and mental health aren't so clear anymore.

17. Men, Women, & Children (2014)

Navigating human relationships is complicated enough. Toss smartphones and social media into the mix, and you have a monsoon of digital chaos.

18. The Fifth Estate (2013)

WikiLeaks took the world by storm by unveiling dark truths and half-lies. The intricate bond between the internet, journalism, and political subversion is mired in its psyche.

19. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)

A heart-rending variant of Frankenstein's monster tale—a genius' idea to revolutionize digital access turned into a relentless beast that devoured him.

Can You Handle the Horror? 

Well, there you have it. For those who can't seem to take our eyes off our screens and constantly refresh our feeds due to the fear of missing out, these 20 films certainly serve as an eye-opener. They reflect on how deeply influenced we've become by the unmistakable lure of our smartphones and social media. They don't just show us how tech-reliant we've become, but they also suggest we should consider unplugging, if only for a little while.


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