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The Top 30 Facebook Groups, Subreddits, and YouTube Channels for Cozy Gamers

Looking for some cozy, feel-good gaming content and communities? As someone who's been playing relaxing, wholesome games casually for over a decade now, I've recently gotten more into "cozy gaming" after upgrading from the original Nintendo Switch to the Switch OLED.

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Thankfully, there are tons of great Facebook groups, Subreddits, and YouTube channels out there focused on chill, positive gaming experiences. I've discovered 30 fantastic communities that highlight everything from farming sims and puzzles to crafting games and wholesome indie titles.

They're full of fellow gamers who love supporting others, sharing gaming moments, and building a sense of community around unwinding through play. Let's check them out!

Top 10 Facebook Groups

Cozy Gamers - General cozy gaming discussion and recommendations.

Stardew Valley Community - For fans of the charming farming sim Stardew Valley.

Animal Crossing Kindness Group - For fans of Animal Crossing to help each other out with island designs, tips, and more.

Cozy Gaming Haven - Discuss cozy games, meet new people, and de-stress from reality.

Cozy Grove Switch Players - For fans of a popular game on the Nintendo Switch: Cozy Grove.

My Sims Addiction - A lighthearted group for Sims lovers of all kinds (and all platforms).

Retro Gaming 101 - For fans of retro, pixel art, and 2D cozy games.

Fae Farm - Discuss everyone's favorite new cozy game: Fae Farm (I'm a huge fan myself).

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Discuss this extremely popular game available on multiple platforms.

Coral Island Community - Gaming chat focused on a fun, cozy adventure game that's still in early access but better than many full releases!

Top 10 Subreddits

r/CozyGames - Cozy game discussion, recommendations, and reviews (there's also r/CozyGamers, which is very similar).

r/StardewValley - Reddit community for fans of Stardew Valley.

r/AnimalCrossing - For Animal Crossing fans to share their islands, designs, art, and more.

r/LowPoly - Appreciation for cozy low poly art styles.

r/Minecraft - Minecraft builds, mods, stories, and discussion.

r/WholesomeGames - All about heartwarming game discovery and discussion.

r/IndieGames - Great place to find new cozy indie games.

r/Sims4 - For Sims 4 builders to show off houses, Sims, and stories.

r/PixelArt - For fans of pixel art styles seen in many cozy/retro games.

r/GameMusic - Share and discover soothing, feel-good game soundtracks.

Top 10 YouTube Channels

Cozy K - Game reviews, cozy vlogs, let's plays, and cozy hobbies recommended by Kennedy.

A Casual Gamer - Kat makes videos on cozy gaming and self-care (not to be confused with another great channel, Cozy Gamer Kat).

Payton's Corner - Charming NYC creator who loves playing cute and cozy games.

Josh's Gaming Garden - Let's plays, discussions, and reviews of cozy games (with a focus on farming simulation games).

The Cozy Gaming Club - Elle creates lovely let's plays and listicles about cozy games.

Lexilynstar - A cozy and chaotic variety streamer featuring let's plays, tips, and tricks.

Wholesome Games - Reviews and recommendations for feel-good indie titles.

Eeowna - Focused on cozy games for the Nintendo Switch (reviews, listicles, first impressions, and more).

City Planner Plays - Where you'll find relaxing city building let's plays (with a huge focus on Cities Skylines).

Buckeye Bunny - A mom who plays cute, chill, and cozy games on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck.

There you have it!

That wraps up some great online spots for connecting with fellow cozy gamers—maybe I'll even see you there! From Facebook groups to subreddits to YouTube channels, there are wonderful communities out there full of wholesome gaming discussions, recommendations, and vibes.

Do you have some others to recommend? If so, don't be shy; share them in the comments below.


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