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Why Home Decor YouTubers All Look the Same

Over the last few years, home decor YouTube has exploded in popularity with channels dedicated to home tours, room makeovers, "house to home" series, and DIY projects racking up millions of views. However, as a longtime viewer, I've noticed a worrying trend - these channels are starting to feel repetitive, derivate, and frankly, a bit boring.

Home Decor vlogs on YouTube

The core issue is that popular home decor YouTubers shop at the same handful of stores, buy the same overpriced products, and ultimately create very similar-looking spaces. Watch a few videos and you'll quickly realize they gravitate towards the same brands like Anthropologie, West Elm, HomeGoods, and CB2. Their homes are filled with pricy accent pieces like $80 tassel pillows, $200 vases, $300 coffee table books stacks, $400 pictures, and $600 mid-century modern lounge chairs. 

While individually many of these products are nice, together in every single video they start to feel uninspired and monotonous. It feels less like watching creative people designing unique spaces, and more like an advertisement for mass-produced consumer goods

Beyond the products, popular decor YouTubers' overall room layouts and aesthetics tend to blend together. Soft neutral tones, wide open floor plans, gallery walls, and accent walls in dark moody colors seem to appear in every home. Each space ends up looking like an idealized version of Instagram, not a realistic lived-in home (which honestly, is what I'd prefer to see and can relate to).

Modern living room and dining room by jeanvdmeulen
Source: Pixabay

It's no coincidence they use the same sources and styles. It's obvious that these YouTubers closely watch each other and replicate what performs well. Trends spread quickly in the world of online video. This means once a certain type of content gains traction, creators rush to copy it rather than develop their own voice.

This obsessive copying comes at a cost - it stamps out variety and creativity. As a viewer, I find myself less and less engaged until I eventually just unsubscribe. I know exactly what that farmhouse living room or modern bathroom is going to look like before they even reveal it. It's simply not interesting to see the same Urban Outfitters decor and color palettes video after video. 

On top of being repetitive, the uniform stylings promote unrealistic standards. Most viewers simply cannot afford to exclusively shop at Anthropologie to decorate their homes. Nor do they have giant open-concept spaces ideal for Pinterest-worthy interior design. Focusing solely on aspirational yet attainable spaces does viewers a huge disservice.

Upscale open concept kitchen by shadowfirearts
Source: Pixabay

So what can be done to mix up the repetitiveness? For starters, I think decor YouTubers need to break out of their bubbles and draw inspiration from more varied sources. Stop rehashing the same trendy styles and shop at more affordable stores. Use your large platforms to showcase up-and-coming artists and makers, not just push products from corporate retailers.

I also believe they have a responsibility to portray real lived-in spaces, not just polished rooms optimized for filming. Show the playroom covered in kids' toys or the cluttered office space. Feature hand-me-down furniture mixed with new accent pieces. Collaborate with viewers who have limited budgets. There is a huge opportunity to provide decor inspiration for real-world homes, not just aspirational showpieces. 

Most importantly, YouTubers must find their own voices and aesthetics, even if it means lower view counts initially. Pave your own path based on your unique style. Trust that audiences will respond to authenticity rather than chasing trends. Taking these steps could bring much-needed innovation and diversity to home decor YouTube.

Dare to be different - Define Your Grind
Source: Flickr

The world of online video offers a chance to democratize design and make it accessible to the masses. But increasingly scripted videos replicating the same formula over and over again do a disservice to the platform's potential. As viewers, we crave honesty, realism, diversity, and inspiration. It's time for decor YouTubers to break out of the mold and bring those qualities back into focus.

What are your thoughts on home decor videos on YouTube? Are you tired of seeing the same thing in everyone's videos, or do you enjoy it? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments!


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