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Fae Farm: 25+ Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Fae Farm is a relaxing multiplayer life simulation RPG for PC and Nintendo Switch. Take care of a farm, make friends with magical creatures, and break an evil curse on Azoria island. Here are answers to the 30 most common questions about this new fan-favorite game.

Fae Farm: 25+ Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Getting Started

What is Fae Farm?

Fae Farm is a cozy life sim with farming, crafting, mining and light combat. You inherit a run-down farm and must restore it by growing crops, gathering resources, and befriending the island's fae creatures.

How much does Fae Farm cost?

On Steam, Fae Farm costs $39.99 for the Standard Edition and $59.99 for the Deluxe Edition. On the Nintendo eShop, Fae Farm costs $59.99. Within the next year, we will release two DLCs as part of the Deluxe Edition. There are no in-game purchases.

What platforms is Fae Farm available on?

You can play Fae Farm on PC via Steam or Nintendo Switch. No mobile version is available.

Can I play Fae Farm single player or multiplayer?

Both! You can play solo offline or online co-op with up to 4 players total.

How long is Fae Farm?

It offers 40+ hours of story content, and significantly more for completionists. End-game focuses on optimization.

Fae Farm - Town Center

Gameplay & Progression

What is the main goal in Fae Farm?

Follow the story to lift Azoria's curse by restoring the island's temples. Along the way, befriend fae, master skills, discover hidden items around the island, and rebuild your farm.

Is the inventory unlimited?

It's complicated. Your backpack, which can be accessed anywhere) is limited to a specific amount (very little when you first start out, but can be expanded three times).

Fae Farm Inventory - Backpack

In addition, the game provides a storage shed on your farm that can conveniently hold 999,999 items. So while it's not unlimited, there's practically no way you'll ever go over that amount!

This means that you don't have to worry about running out of space in your overall inventory. You can simply transfer items from your backpack to the storage shed to free up space.

Fae Farm Inventory - House Storage

Best of all when crafting, you can directly use items from your storage shed (no need to have them in your backpack).

How do you progress in Fae Farm?

Progress by farming crops, mining, fishing, and collecting resources to upgrade tools, your home, and the town. Complete quests to earn rewards and in-game currency. Relationship levels with townsfolk also unlock events.

Fae Farm World Map

What skills are there?

You can do farming, foraging, fishing, mining, logging, crafting, cooking, magic, potion brewing, animal care, and more. Everything you do levels up skills.

What activities are there?

You can do many activities in the game, like farming, fishing, and mining. You can also craft, cook, and make potions. You can raise animals and complete requests for townspeople. There's even dungeon combat!

Fae Farm Fishing

Is there romance?

Yes! You can date and eventually marry characters you build friendship with. Options include both male and female love interests. The dates are a bit boring with one-sided conversations. The scenery is nice though.

Fae Farm Date and Scenery

How long does it take to complete?

Around 40 hours for the main story. Completing all side quests and post-game content can take 80+ hours.

Customization & Decorating

Can you customize your character?

Yes, you can pick your appearance and outfit at the start, and change hair/clothing later. All customization is gender-neutral.

Can you decorate and expand your house and farm?

Absolutely! You can decorate both interiors and exteriors with hundreds of items. Upgrade your home for more space.

Fae Farm Inside Main House

How else can you customize your farm?

You can select fields, gardens, pastures, decorations like fountains and statues, roads, and small amenities like bee houses.

Fae Farm Outside of Farm With Flowers and Crafting Stations

Multiplayer Experience

How does co-op work in Fae Farm?

Up to four players can live in cabins on the same farm. All players progress the story and events together.

Can you marry another player in co-op?

No, marriage is only between a player and NPC.

What can you do with other players?

Everything! Farm together, mine together, fish, forage, cook, craft, decorate the farm, attend events, progress the story, and more.

Farm Farm - World Map NPC Tracker

Is there PvP?

No, Fae Farm focuses entirely on co-op PvE content. There is no competition between players.

Magic & Combat

Is there magic in Fae Farm?

Yes! Learn spells like vortex, faerie fire, charm, and bash. You need specific spells to remove obstacles.

Fae Farm Spells to Use

Is there combat?

Some. Mainly in dungeons for resources. Combat is simple hack-and-slash. Focus is on farming life, not battles.

What do you fight?

There are many different monsters called Jumbles. They look like compasses, anchors, chests, cannons, cellos, lyres, statues, and more. Combat is designed to be simple and accessible for all players.

Fae Farm Second Dungeon with Jumbles

FAQs About Specific Features

How deep is crafting?

Very deep! Use workstations to master crafts like cooking, potions, smithing, carpentry, and more. Hundreds of recipes to collect.

What items can you craft?

You can craft food dishes, potions, furnaces, decor items, weapons, fences, paths, storage chests, bee houses, and much more—almost everything you need to build the farm.

Fae Farm Gem Polisher

How extensive is farming?

Very extensive! Grow over 30+ crops and flowers in huge customizable fields. Tend to plants daily, invest in tools and irrigation. Breed flowers to create new types and colors. One of the core features.

Can you have animals on your farm?

Yes! You can have chickens, cows, sheep, and more. House them in barns and coops, feed and pet them daily, use their products for cooking and crafting. There's also animal breeding.

Fae Farm - Animals in Barn

Can you catch wildlife?

Yes! Use traps to catch various insects and small critters. They help populate your farm.

Is there a day/night cycle?

Yes, time passes as you play. Specific events, NPCs and activities depend on time of day. You replenish stamina, health, and energy overnight.

Fae Farm Bedtime - Night Transition

You have until midnight to go to bed each night. Luckily, there's no penalty for not making it to bed in time. Instead, you'll be automatically transported back home ad midnight and start a new day.

Overall Impressions

Fae Farm is a magical journey where you lift an evil curse by restoring a neglected farm to its former glory. The game has intricate crafting, diverse characters (though they lack depth in conversation), and enjoyable advancement, creating a calming experience for players of any age.

Fae Farm - Talking to NPC

Once you get into it, it's completely addicting—I would know since I've played for over 35 hours as of today! Grab some friends, and escape to your new fantasy life!


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