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Mercari: You're Missing Out If You Don't Shop Here

Mercari is an online marketplace that has taken the world by storm in recent years. But if you haven't heard of it or tried it yet, you could be missing out on some amazing deals and a superior shopping experience. Here's why Mercari should be your new go-to for buying and selling all sorts of items.

Mercari home page: Why You're Missing Out If You Don't Shop on Mercari

What Is Mercari?

Mercari (referral link) is a peer-to-peer shopping app, first launched in Japan in 2013 and now available in the U.S. since 2016. It's kind of like a mix between eBay and Poshmark. Users can buy and sell almost anything by listing items for sale directly through the Mercari app or website.

Some key things to know about Mercari:

  • All kinds of categories: You can find everything from clothes and shoes to toys, electronics, collectibles, beauty products, and more. New items are added constantly.
  • Mobile-centric: The app (Android, iOS) makes buying and selling really easy with its intuitive mobile interface. You can shop on the go anywhere.
  • User ratings: Buyers and sellers can rate each other after transactions, so you can see reputations.
  • Secure payments: Mercari handles payments securely between buyers and sellers. Once a sale is confirmed, they send you a prepaid shipping label.
  • Reasonable fees: Selling fees are only 10% of the final selling price, a bargain compared to other sites.
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The Benefits of Buying on Mercari

Why should you consider browsing and buying on Mercari instead of other online stores? Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy:

Find Amazing Deals

The deals on Mercari can't be beaten. Since anyone can list items, often very lightly used, you can find name-brand and even luxury items for a fraction of retail price. For example, it's common to find brand new Coach bags for 70%+ off, or Lululemon leggings worn once or twice selling for 50% less. The selection changes all the time so there's always something new to discover if you check back regularly.

Louis Vuitton items on Mercari

Buy Hard-to-Find and Vintage Items

In addition to modern used goods, Mercari is a treasure trove for rare, vintage, and discontinued items you'd have a hard time finding elsewhere. Whether you're looking to grow your collection of antique jewelry, add vintage designer clothing pieces to your wardrobe, or find that retro toy from your childhood, Mercari sellers offer access to unique inventory you won't see at regular online stores.

Vintage Big Bird items on Mercari

Get Great Quality Without High Prices

Mercari makes it possible to get excellent quality items for much cheaper than buying them new. Especially for expensive electronics, furniture, instruments, and more, you can find gently used items that work and look like new. For instance, someone may be selling a DSLR camera they bought for $1000 just a year ago for $700. That's a steal!

Convenient Shopping Experience

Mercari makes shopping super convenient too. Its mobile app and website allow you to browse, purchase, and track orders all in one place. Sellers ship items directly to you, so there's no middleman. You can easily request returns if needed. And everything gets delivered right to your doorstep.

Steamdeck for sale on Mercari

How Buying and Selling on Mercari Works

If you're new to Mercari, here's a quick rundown of how the platform works:

Listing Items for Sale

As a seller, you can quickly take a photo of your item on your phone and list it in just a few taps. Provide a description, set your price, and list your shipping preferences. Mercari makes it really easy.

List an item for sale on Mercari

Discovering and Purchasing Items

When browsing as a buyer, simply search for keywords or categories and scroll through the listings. When you find one you like, you can view seller ratings, purchase the item, and complete checkout right in the app.

Communicating with Sellers

The app allows you to send private messages to sellers to ask questions or negotiate a deal. You can feel confident buying from sellers who have lots of positive ratings.

Shipping and Tracking

Once purchased, the seller has a few days to ship your item in the prepaid label Mercari generates. You'll get tracking so you can follow along during transit.

Staying Protected

Mercari offers protections for buyers, like allowing returns if an item arrives damaged or isn't as described. If anything goes wrong, their customer support can help resolve issues.

Save searches on Mercari

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Mercari

Want to score the best bargains on Mercari? Here are some pro tips:

  • Search broadly - Don't just search for exact product names. Use general keywords like "coffee maker" or "road bike" to cast a wider net.
  • Filter wisely - Use filters like item condition, price range, seller rating, and location to narrow your search results.
  • Check back often - With daily new listings, check Mercari regularly to catch newly added steals.
  • Be open-minded - If you're flexible with color or minor wear and tear, you can save big. Still thoroughly inspect listings.
  • Make offers - If you see an item you love but listed above your ideal price, submit a lower offer. Many sellers will negotiate.
  • Watch and wait - You can save searches and get notified when new items match. Or watch a listing and grab it if the price drops.

Why Mercari is a Game-Changer for Shoppers

For shoppers looking to save money and find one-of-a-kind goods, Mercari (referral link) is an absolute game-changer. The sheer variety of items available at up to 80% off retail prices lets you stretch your dollar further. And you can score designer, premium quality, and hard-to-find merchandise you'd have little chance of affording otherwise.

Compared to thrift and consignment stores, Mercari makes bargain hunting so much easier with its huge online inventory and sorting tools. And shopping resale is better for the environment than always buying new.

So why keep missing out on these deals and perks? Give Mercari a try if you haven't already. Chances are, you'll get hooked once you see everything this marketplace has to offer. Happy deal hunting!


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