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17 Viral TikTok Items That Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

I'm not usually one to jump on the latest app craze. As far as I'm concerned, TikTok is just Vine 2.0 with more egregious challenges, and teenage egos run amok. But I must admit, as much as I dislike the darn thing, TikTok is a goldmine for finding unique and creative gift ideas this holiday season.

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Even I can appreciate how TikTok takes the latest viral products and helps them explode. So, in the spirit of the holidays, I decided to swallow my pride and scour TikTok for gift ideas, and I found some pretty cool things. We're talking gifts tailor-made for Gen Z but cool enough for millennials like me.

So gather around and check out 17 of the app's most viral products that make stellar Christmas gifts. Even if I don't like TikTok, I can agree that these gifts will "sleigh" with your friends and family. Fa la la la, let's go!

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1. The ing Candle

This "This Smells Like My Vagina" candle from Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop went so viral it sold out almost instantly. Nothing says "happy holidays" like the scent of some Hollywood hotty's private parts (right!?). While her candle is no longer available, Amazon has some knockoffs—and who knows, they might smell even better!

YouNique Designs Smells Like My Vagina Candle

2. The Indoor S'mores Maker

With this nifty appliance, you can make s'mores right in your kitchen, no campfire required! Perfect for any marshmallow-loving kiddos (or stoners with the munchies). Just be sure to supervise, lest your kid accidentally ignites themselves into a human s'more. Safety third!

SHARPER IMAGE Electric Tabletop S'mores Maker for Indoors

3. Color-Changing LED Strip Lights

These bad boys let you change the vibe of any room. Stick 'em under your bed, behind your TV, or line your driveway to really get the neighbors talking. Seizure warning not included.

Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft

4. Mini Waffle Makers

Why buy dull old Eggo waffles when you can make tiny, bite-sized ones? These things churn out toddler-sized waffles like nobody's business. Just try not to burn yourself as you absentmindedly pop them into your mouth like popcorn.

CROWNFUL Mini Waffle Maker Machine

5. Finger Hand Puppets

Turn your digits into a family of silly critters! Entertain kids for hours by reenacting scenes from Toy Story and other classics. Adults can use them to make hand shadow puppets on the wall as their Ambien kicks in. Sweet dreams!

Tiny Hands Miniature Finger Puppets with Holding Sticks

6. Colorful Toilet Night Lights

These motion-activated lights turn your throne into a rainbow-colored rave. Perfect for those middle-of-the-night pee breaks when you're half asleep and can't find the toilet. Just try not to wake the whole house laughing when it turns green and reminds you of Shrek.

Chunace Toilet Night Light - Motion Sensor Activated 16-Color LED

7. Animal Paw Socks

These quirky socks make your feet look like cat, bunny, bear paws, and more. Perfect for any furry friend fanatic or full-blown furry. These are a start for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to be their favorite animal!

Cat Paw Socks 6 Pairs Thick Winter Warm Fuzzy Cozy Socks Cute Cat Claw Indoor Sleeping Socks for Women Girls

8. Pimple Popping Toys

Squeeze away whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and more with these grotesque little toys. They're ideal for popping enthusiasts, aspiring dermatologists, or that one weird cousin of yours. Plus, they won't leave any nasty marks on your face—just your psyche.

POP IT PAL - Featured on Shark Tank | The Official Pimple Popping Toy with Refillable Pimple Pus

9. Sloth Plushies

What's cuter than a sloth? A sloth you can cuddle, of course! These plushies are perfect for sloth superfans who want to hug the laziest (and arguably cutest) animals on earth. Just don't expect them to move or do anything—that's kind of their thing.

LuLezon Very Soft Three Toed Sloth Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

10. Squishmallows

If sloths are too static, Squishmallows are the plush toy trend of the year. These marshmallow-like stuffed animals are irresistibly squishy. Collect all your favorites, from axolotls to aliens and everything in between!

SQUISHMALLOW 12" Legacy The Bunnycorn - Officially Licensed Kellytoy Plush

11. Hot Honey

Drizzle this spicy honey on pizza, fried chicken, veggies—anything you want to give a sweet and fiery kick. A bottle of Hot Honey is hotter than Billy Eilish's album sales. Just be sure that whoever you gift it to is a fan of heat!

Heinz 57 Infused Honey with Hot Chili

12. Spa Headbands

These headbands are soft and absorbent, typically made of terrycloth or microfiber. They're designed to keep hair out of your face when you're washing it, applying makeup, or doing other activities where you want to keep your hair dry and out of the way (we all know how annoying it can be when your hair does its own thing). Lots of styles to choose from!

Chuangdi 3 Pieces Spa Facial Headband for Makeup and Washing Face

13. Portable Pizza Ovens

Take your pizza game mobile with these mini pizza ovens designed for camping and tailgating. Perfect for any pizza fiend or Italophile. Just don't let the kids near the open flame!

BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Wood Fired Pizza Maker Portable Stainless Steel Pizza Grill

14. Mini Washing Machines

Clean your delicates on the go with these tiny portable washing machines. They're tiny but mighty—perfect for college kids and anyone with limited space. Literally a godsend!

Portable Washing Machine

15. LED Levitation Lamps

These trippy lamps use magnets to make the light appear to magically float in midair. Perfect for mesmerizing aesthetes, aspiring magicians, or stoners lost in a state of bewilderment. "Whoa, man, how's it doing that?"

Floatidea Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb

16. Fruit Cutters Shapes

For the aspiring food influencer, these devices slice fruit and veggies into mesmerizing patterns. Friends and family will drool over the flower-shaped watermelon slices! Endless possibilities.

Fruit Cutters Shapes for Kids 22 Pcs, Mini Cookie Cutters Set, Vegetable Cutter with Food Picks

17. Plasma Balls

These glass balls full of charged plasma create stellar lightning effects when you touch them. Mesmerizing for kids and adults alike. They even come in different shapes and colors. So pretty!

Flashmen Plasma Ball Lamp 6 inch Science Toy Touch & Sound Sensitive Plasma Globe

Something for everyone!

And there you have 17 of the hottest viral TikTok products that make perfect gifts this holiday season. Give the gift of good vibes and 5 million views. But most importantly, give the gift of love, connection, and quality time to those who matter most. Happy holidays to all, and to all, a viral night!


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