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10 Best Sites for Tracking Game Deals

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. But you don't have to pay full price for games if you know where to look. There are many great sites that track deals across platforms and retailers. These sites make it easy to find discounts on the games you want.

The 10 Best Sites for Tracking Game Deals
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In this article, I'll share 10 of the top deal-tracking sites for gaming. Whether you play on a PC or console, these sites have you covered.

Overview of the 10 Sites

Here's a quick overview of the 10 deal-tracking sites I love and recommend:
  1. IsThereAnyDeal - Tracks prices for PC/Mac games across over 40 stores. Creates price history charts.
  2. Deku Deals - Focuses on Nintendo Switch eShop and physical games. Customizable wishlist and alerts.
  3. Fanatical - PC game store with frequent game bundles and discounts. Wishlist alerts.
  4. GamesPlanet - Sells PC game keys. Wishlist tracking and email alerts.
  5. GOG - DRM-free PC games. Wishlist alerts for sales.
  6. Steam - PC gaming platform. Wishlist alerts and custom categories.
  7. GG.Deals - Aggregates PC game deals across multiple stores. Price history and waitlist.
  8. CheapShark - PC game deals tracker. Historical low prices and bundle info.
  9. PS Prices - Tracks PlayStation store prices and PSN trophy data.
  10. PS Deals - Daily updates on PlayStation Store discounts for PS5/PS4.
Now let's dive into a bit more detail on each site and how they can save you money on games.


For PC gamers, IsThereAnyDeal should be your first stop. This site tracks retail prices for games, bundles, expansions, and more across over 40 PC game stores. Just add games to your waitlist, and you'll get email alerts when there's a discount.


The site also displays detailed price histories and all-time low prices for games you're tracking. This helps you determine if a deal is worthwhile or if you should keep waiting for a lower price. IsThereAnyDeal even tracks prices across regional stores worldwide.


While not strictly a deal-tracking site, Fanatical offers tons of discounts on PC games that are worth checking regularly. This digital game store runs new game bundle deals almost every day, bundling 3+ games into discounted packages.

Fanatical also alerts you by email when items on your wishlist go on sale individually. Regular big sales like the Star Deal and Build Your Own Bundle promotions can save you a ton on your wishlisted games.

Deku Deals

Deku Deals specializes in Nintendo Switch eShop deals and physical Switch games (although, you can track some PS and Xbox games too). It tracks all discounts on the eShop and at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. You can create a wishlist and get notifications when games on your list go on sale.

Deku Deals

The site is a great way to stay on top of eShop sales. It publishes lists of all current and upcoming sales. Deku Deals also shows price histories and Metacritic data to evaluate deals.


Similar to Fanatical, GamesPlanet is a digital PC game retailer with a major focus on discounts. It specializes in selling legit game keys globally. The site consistently offers voucher codes, flash deals, and a discounted games section.

Make sure to create an account and wishlist to get alerted by email about sales of games you want. Between the frequent sales and its own discounted preorder prices, GamesPlanet is worth checking before buying Steam games.


GOG (Good Old Games) is a popular DRM-free PC game store owned by CD Projekt. It offers classic PC games along with new releases. The wishlist tool is very useful for saving money. Just add the games you want, and GOG will email you when there's a sale.


There are also regular seasonal sales on GOG like Summer Sale and Winter Sale with rotating daily/flash deals. GOG Connect even allows you to add eligible Steam games to your GOG library for free!


As the largest PC gaming platform, Steam obviously offers tons of game deals. Using your Steam wishlist is the key to saving money. Add titles you want, and Steam will alert you by email when they go on sale.

Make sure to check the front page and seasonal sales like the Summer Sale for highlighted daily/weekly deals. You can also subscribe to /r/GameDeals on Reddit which posts notable Steam discounts.


GG.Deals is a useful site that aggregates PC game deals across over a dozen digital retailers including Steam, GOG, Fanatical, and more. This gives you a one-stop dashboard to monitor discounts across multiple stores simultaneously.


You can create a waitlist on GG.Deals to receive email notifications when games on your wishlist get discounted at any of the integrated stores. The site also displays historically low prices and bundles for each game. For simplified cross-store PC game deal tracking, GG.Deals is a great option.

PS Prices

For PlayStation owners, PS Prices should be bookmarked. This site tracks the entire catalog of the PlayStation Store for discounts. You can add PSN games to your wishlist and get notified by email of sales.

In addition to sale alerts, PS Prices let you check trophy completion data for PSN games. This helps assess how difficult trophies are to unlock. For PlayStation gamers, it's an invaluable companion.


Another excellent PC deal tracker is CheapShark. It monitors prices for over 60,000 games across more than 300 stores. You can add any game to your wishlist for email alerts when discounted.


CheapShark's search tool lets you sort and filter games by discount percentage, price, Metascore, and more parameters. This makes it easy to discover worthwhile deals. The site also shows price histories and the lowest recorded prices for every game.

PS Deals

PS Deals also focuses on PlayStation discounts and content across PS5, PS4, PS Vita and PSVR. It provides daily updates on sale prices in the PlayStation Store as well as physical retailers. 

You can browse deals conveniently by platform or genre. Popular and recommended sales are highlighted by the PS Deals team. For PlayStation console owners looking to stay on top of frequent PSN sales, PS Deals is an essential bookmark.

No more full-price games!

That covers some of the top deal tracking sites for gaming. With these tools, you can easily stay aware of discounts across platforms and build your library without overspending. Be sure to utilize wishlists and alerts so you never miss a sale. Happy deal hunting!


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