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The Cult of Clones: Why Vlogging is Losing Its Authenticity

The vlogging landscape has become a strange echo chamber. Thumb through the latest uploads, and you'll see a monotonous parade of identical thumbnails: three to four images placed side-by-side, usually with a selfie or full-body picture in the center.

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Regarding titles, they're all often very similar (especially around season changes or holidays)—all promising the same "life-changing" hauls and tips, weekly resets, decorating sessions, get-ready-with-me sessions using the same beauty products, and so on. It's enough to make you wonder if you're trapped in a never-ending loop of sponsored content and unoriginality.

This trend of vlogger clones isn't just aesthetically uninspiring; it's deeply concerning. It speaks to a culture of conformity that thrives on mimicking what's popular, sacrificing individuality for views and subscribers. Instead of celebrating unique voices and perspectives, we're witnessing a homogenized mass where everyone blends into the same beige backdrop.

Why Conformity Kills Creativity

But why are we drawn to these carbon copies? The answer, sadly, lies in human psychology. We're wired to follow trends and seek social approval. Seeing others do something makes it seem more valid and more desirable. This explains the viral spread of challenges, trends, and product purchases. When everyone is doing it, it must be good, right?

However, this blind adherence to the masses has a detrimental effect on the creative landscape. There's no room for innovation when everyone is chasing the same trends. No one dares to be different, experiment, and explore their creative voice. The predictable result? Stale content that leaves viewers feeling bored and uninspired.

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This doesn't mean that all vloggers are clones. A few brave souls still dare to be different and inject their own personalities and perspectives into their content. These are the vloggers who genuinely connect with their audience, who spark conversations, and who inspire others to embrace their own individuality.

So, what can be done to break free from the cult of clones and restore originality to vlogging? The onus lies on both vloggers and viewers.


Find your voice: Instead of mimicking others, focus on what makes you unique. What are your passions, your talents, your experiences? Share those with authenticity and vulnerability.

Embrace imperfection: The pressure to be perfect is stifling creativity. Let go of the need for curated feeds and edited personas. Show your authentic self, flaws, and all. That's what makes you relatable and interesting.

Take risks: Don't be afraid to experiment with different formats, topics, and styles. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and discover your creative potential.

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Support diverse voices: Seek out and support vloggers who offer unique perspectives and content. It's okay to not like everything, but be open to new experiences and voices.

Be critical: Don't blindly consume everything you see. Question the motives behind the content, analyze the message being conveyed, and form your own opinions.

Celebrate individuality: Let vloggers know that you appreciate their uniqueness. Leave positive comments, share their content, and encourage them to continue being themselves.

No More Clones

Unfortunately, the future of vlogging isn't just about embracing individuality and originality. While it's true that these are essential ingredients for a thriving vlogging scene, there's more to the story.

As a frequent viewer, I've noticed a disheartening trend—the lack of diverse voices and perspectives. While I occasionally come across a gem, I'm often disappointed with the overall landscape, lacking originality and genuine connection. This has led me to a significant decision: in 2024, I'll be unsubscribing from my current list and starting fresh, seeking out vloggers who truly stand out from the crowd.

A creative vlog thumbnail featuring sky diving, an animal shelter, and playing video games

This isn't a criticism of individual creators but rather a call for a fundamental shift. The future of vlogging depends on our collective effort—viewers and creators alike—to foster a space that celebrates uniqueness and authenticity. We need to move beyond formulaic content and embrace the boundless potential of individual voices.

So, let's join forces to break free from the conformity trap. Let's support creators who dare to be different and who bring their unique perspectives to the table. Remember, the world needs your true voice, not another copy of someone else's. Be bold, be different, be you – and together, let's build a vlogging landscape that's truly captivating and inspiring.


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